How to Defringe in Affinity Photo: The Complete Guide

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your images in Affinity Photo, then you’ll want to learn all about Defringing. Defringing is the removal of colour fringing in an image. Chromatic aberration usually appears when there’s a large contrast between light and dark parts of an image.

In this blog post, we will explain how to apply the the Chromatic Aberration filter, Defringe filter, the Defringe live filter and how to defringe a RAW image in Affinity Photo. Defringing in Affinity Photo is extremely easy.

What is Defringing?

Defringing is the process by which colour fringes which occur at areas with high contrast are corrected. Chromatic aberration is a common issue with digital cameras and it is caused by the lens not being able to focus on all colours in the same manner. This results in the presence of unwanted colours around objects, which can be distracting and can also lower the quality of an image.

How to fix chromatic aberration in Affinity Photo

There are four ways to correct chromatic aberration in Affinity Photo:

  1. Using the Chromatic Abberation filter
  2. Using the Defringe filter
  3. Using the Defringe live filter
  4. Using the Defringe filter in the Develop Persona

Chromatic Abberation filter

The Chromatic Aberration filter reduces colour fringing by distorting red and blue planes in order to align them with the green plane. This process determines the best alignment and tackles chromatic aberration.

To use the Chromatic Aberration filter in Affinity Photo,

  • Initially, go to Filters.
  • Then, choose Colours.
  • Select Chromatic aberration to apply it.
How to Defringe in Affinity Photo: Chromatic Aberration

This filter does not have any settings that can be adjusted in the context toolbar.

In the case that there is any residual chromatic aberration in your image, this can be further corrected by applying the Defringe filter. Before applying the Defringe filter, you should always apply the chromatic aberration filter to an uncropped picture.

Next, we’ll look at the Defringe filter.

Defringe Filter in Affinity Photo

Defringe filter is a destructive way to remove colour fringes around objects in an image. It selectively tackles such areas and corrects them to reduce the effect. Make sure that you have the layer which has the chromatic aberration selected before completing the following steps.

How to Defringe in Affinity Photo: Defringe Filter

How to use the Defringe filter:

  • This filter can be found in the Filter menu, go to Colours and choose Defringe.
  • Once you select Defringe filter, a dialog with different settings will appear. These settings consist of Fringe Colour, Tolerance, Radius and Edge Brightness Threshold. Adjust the slider as per your requirements.
  • Once you’re happy with the settings, click Apply.

For most images, the default values for these options will work just fine. However, you may need to experiment with them a bit to get the best results for your particular image.

The options available in the filter dialog are explained in detail below:

  • Fringe Color– This is the color of the fringe that will be removed. The default color is magenta, but you can click on the color swatch to choose a different color.
  • Also Remove Complementary Hue– This option allows you to eliminate the opposite color of the fringe color from your image. For example, if you select a magenta fringe color, this option will also remove green from your image.
  • Tolerance– This controls how similar in color the pixels must be to the fringe color in order to be removed. A higher tolerance will remove more colors from your image, while a lower tolerance will remove fewer colors.
  • Radius– The Radius option determines how many pixels around the edge of an object will be affected by the filter.
  • Edge Brightness Threshold– The Edge Type options let you choose between hard and soft edges.

The Defringe filter does a good job of removing color fringing, but it can sometimes leave behind a halo effect. If this happens, you can try using the Defringe live filter instead.

Defringe Live Filter in Affinity Photo

The second way to fix chromatic aberration is by using the Defringe live filter. The Defringe live filter is a non-destructive way to reduce or eliminate chromatic aberration in an image. It is important that you select the layer you wish to defringe before starting.

How to use the Defringe live filter:

  • This filter can be found in the Layer menu, under the New Live Filter Layer category.
  • Simply select the layer you want to apply it to and click on the Layer menu.
  • Then, select New Live Filter Layer > Defringe.

In the Live Defringe dialog box, you will see the same settings as the Defringe filter.

As with the Defringe filter, the default values for these options will work for most images. Nevertheless, experiment with the sliders until you are satisfied with the result.

How to limit the Defringe filter to a particular area

You can limit the filter to a particular area very easily in Affinity Photo. All live filters are equipped with a built-in mask which allows you to paint over the areas you wish to remove the defringe effect from.

To exclude a Defringe effect from parts of your image,

  • First, select the Defringe Live filter.
  • Then, click on the Paint Brush tool from the tools panel and take the hardness to zero for a soft edge brush.
  • Choose the Black colour and paint onto the areas where you want to remove the effect of the Defringe Live filter.
How to Defringe in Affinity Photo: paint brush tool

That’s it! Now you know how to use the Defringe filter and Live filter in Affinity Photo. Experiment with these filters until you get the results you want.

Defringing a RAW image in Affinity Photo

If you’re working with a RAW image, you can also fix chromatic aberration by using the Defringe option in the Develop Persona.

To use this option,

  • Simply open your RAW image and you will be automatically taken to the Develop Persona.
  • Then, tick the Defringe option from the Lens Panel.
  • In the Defringe dialog box, you will see five options: Hue, Also Remove Complementary Hue, Radius, Tolerance and Threshold.
  • Make your changes and close the dialog when ready.


That’s all there is to know about defringing in Affinity Photo! By using the Chromatic Aberration filter, Defringe filter and the Defringe live filter, you can easily remove chromatic aberration from your images. And if you’re working with a RAW image, you can use the Defringe option in the Develop Persona to fix any colour fringing.

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